Empathy and Cooperation

"Kindness can become it own motive.  We are made kind by being kind."-Eric Hoffer

Today we had the opportunity to discuss with our children the way the savior treated others when they were unkind.  I have noticed that one of my girls has been exceptionally grumpy lately.  I wasn't quite sure how to remedy the situation, so I prayed for guidance.  The thought came to me that she might be feeling that to many older people were intervening in her life.  I had a little talk with some of the other siblings in private.  One in particular said something interesting.  "Mom how am I supposed to be nice to someone that doesn't show respect to me".  At first I was dumb founded and thought, how could you ask me something like that you little brat.  But, before I opened my mouth I prayed for guidance as to answer the question.  I then explained that when the savior came to the earth, he showed respect and love for everyone.  He even showed love to those that spat upon him.  I asked her if she could look for opportunities to lift her sister up instead of always correcting her.  She agreed to kneel and pray with me and ask for strength to do this, because we both knew it would not be easy.