Empathy and Cooperation

"Kindness can become it own motive.  We are made kind by being kind."-Eric Hoffer

Today we had the opportunity to discuss with our children the way the savior treated others when they were unkind.  I have noticed that one of my girls has been exceptionally grumpy lately.  I wasn't quite sure how to remedy the situation, so I prayed for guidance.  The thought came to me that she might be feeling that to many older people were intervening in her life.  I had a little talk with some of the other siblings in private.  One in particular said something interesting.  "Mom how am I supposed to be nice to someone that doesn't show respect to me".  At first I was dumb founded and thought, how could you ask me something like that you little brat.  But, before I opened my mouth I prayed for guidance as to answer the question.  I then explained that when the savior came to the earth, he showed respect and love for everyone.  He even showed love to those that spat upon him.  I asked her if she could look for opportunities to lift her sister up instead of always correcting her.  She agreed to kneel and pray with me and ask for strength to do this, because we both knew it would not be easy. 

A Classic Example of Reverse Psychology

Kent and I have been eating a lot of vegetables lately, and slowly but surely converting our children over to the idea.  We try to teach them about nutrition and how their bodies work.  We have tried before to be healthier in the past, but it seems this time it has been more of a lifestyle change.  Our children have noticed and pay attention whenever Kent our I sit down to eat.  At first they would say things like yuck! You didn't make any of that for us did you?  Then they became more curious and would ask for a taste.  We would give them a taste, and they would say can I have some? Then I would respond by saying this is a special mommy and daddy treat.  They would walk away satisfied.  Well, all of this has led up to this morning when they all insisted they were going to have salad with almonds for breakfast.  He He He He, I love it!

Cleaning the Cam ode

My eight year old started learning to clean the cam ode this week. She has currently been in charge of making sure the dishwasher gets emptied and loaded during the day. Each of our children has certain chores they are in charge of in the morning. They each do the chore according to age and experience. My six year old does the laundry and makes sure it stays moving all day long.  My four year old is in charge of dusting and folding cloths.  Of coarse they don't preform like an adult but, practice makes progress.

Free Range Learning

I have been reading a book recently called "Free Range Learning" and I for one am cynical about unschooling. I home school all in the name of structure so I can make sure my children are meeting the state standards, right? Wink, wink. They need to be able to "function in society". What is the definition of function? Anyway I have come across some incredible points in this book. I was already practicing some of the suggestions they make, but limiting them in order to keep up with the public school standards.

Some of the points I found interesting are, “There’s an element of uncertainty involved in education. An analogy can be found in art. A painter approaches the canvas, but rather than push himself to begin, he pauses, allowing impressions and sensations to fill him. When he surrenders to the process, he is ready. Then he is able to forget himself and bring forth the waiting image. These same steps work as we encourage learning.”

1. Embrace the possibilities

2. Step back slightly, allowing the learning situation to unfold.

3. Remain present without exerting undo control over the outcome.

4. Be comfortable with what is immeasurable.” Weldon, L. (2010) Pg. 41

I wish I could just quote the whole book because I don't feel that I do it justice. With that said I am not a public school hater. I don't expect everyone else to pull their kids out of school. I am of the opinion that parents should be more educated about how the school system works and how it works with each child individually, because that is what each child is, an individual! It’s extremely difficult to group that many children together with so many personalities and expect to have a learning environment for everyone. It is my opinion each child deserves just that.

I would recommend anyone currently homeschooling or considering homeschooling to read this book. I have found in my search for education and enlightenment in the area of my children’s education that the advice given in this book (see reference below) can take the stress off of the parent and the child and will create a healthier learning environment.


Weldon, L., (2010) Free range learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything.

Prescott, AZ: Hohm Press

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ethne learned to make these turkeys at an Achievement Day activity. She shared the idea with her sisters.  They each made one and they turned out pretty cute.  We used them as table decor. 

 We had a awesome day with Pocahontas, and our dressed up Turkey.  The girls made their own costumes and really got into the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

We also enjoyed this excellent pumpkin pie made by our Dad of the year.  It was one of the best I have ever tasted by far.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I decided today I am way to selective about what I blog.  I need to just blog about the events of the day.  I'm going to post something every day, even if its just one thing. Thank goodness for spellcheck right.
Happy Thanksgiving!.  I started my Turkey in the slow cooker this morning at about 9am.  Hopefully it will end up being done around 1 or 2pm.  We decided to just do the breast this year since we don't eat allot of meat, and its just our family of six.  I had to count on my fingers just to make sure it is six. Lol  I put soup mix on the outside chopped onion butter on the inside, with the breast side down.

Birthday gifts from Nana and Papa

Thank you Nana and Papa for the cute Birthday gifts.  Sydney has enjoyed her felt doll so much.  It was fun to sit down with her and cut out the felts.  Ethne even enjoyed reading the glitter castle book.  Good taste!!

Ethne has this beautiful saying on her wall.  Its so wonderful to remind her and  her sisters
of who they really are, and where they come from.  Thank You so much for the necklace and bracelet to remind Ethne
of her baptismal covenants she made.  She has enjoyed waring them to church this Sunday.